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We are Sidecar Creative

Who is Sidecar Creative?

Sidecar Creative is a team of two Perth copywriters working in tandem to write compelling content for a range of mediums. Our collaborative approach means you get two brains generating ideas, two sets of keen eyes proofing your copy and 20 fingers methodically bringing your project to life.

Relax, double the copywriter doesn’t mean double the cost! It’s one rate, on one invoice for one happy client.

Think of us as a creative two-for-one deal!

We've been doing this for over 87,600 hours
( and boy are our fingers tired! )

The Men Behind the Pen

We're so in tune with our clients that we finish their sentences. Copywriting is all we do, and we do it damn well.

Our culture is time-starved, so you need writing that puts your brand on a pedestal and compels your audience stop and think. Now, more than ever, you need copywriting that engages.

Let’s meet the team.

copywriters dave
Dave Roberts
(copywriter & generous tipper)
"I proved that men can multitask by coughing & sneezing at the same time."

Despite his unique ability to catch a tea bag in a cup precariously balanced on his foot, Dave's real talent lies in his writing. He lives by the philosophy of 'creative simplicity' and believes a successful campaign comes from a simple idea marketed to the right people at the right time. He's also a bit of a whizz in the kitchen, so if you want to taste his paella - you need just ask.

copywriters lachy
Lachy Banton
(copywriter & oxygen wrangler)
"If I wasn't this, I'd be a renowned chicken & waffle chef!"

Fuelled by Philly Cheesesteaks and local roast coffee, Lachy has written for just about every industry you can think of. He also once wrote an online classified advert selling perfume that came with a free dinner date... and sold a chest of drawers for an Italian mixed-meat roll (ono). Delicious food may be his weakness but clever, attention-arresting copy is his strong suit.


The value of a good copywriter

Let’s drop a truth bomb: anyone can write copy. Our job as copywriters is to help you avoid the wrong words, find the right ones and string them together in their most distilled and compelling form to elicit a response.

Remember, the average person in an average city on an average day will be exposed to 5,000 advertising messages. That means you only have a few seconds to get your message across.

Put simply, our copywriting is equal parts impact + branding + relevance.
copywriters pen

Your style is your voice

We write in a style that is direct, simple, brief, lucid and persuasive. But most importantly, we write in your voice and this creates an intimacy with your reader that is profound.

Our, or should we say your, writing will be conversational and emotive; it’s this conversational tone that builds trust and it’s the emotion that sells your product or service.

copywriters speaker

An audience of one

The key to great writing is addressing each reader as an individual. At Sidecar Creative, it’s the personal rapport we help build with every reader that connects, engages and converts.

Brevity is key. The shorter the text the more powerful the words become.

Our Services

With over a decade’s worth of experience as copywriters, we craft content that pulls people toward your company and its product or service. Your new content will engage current customers, attract new ones and be remembered long after it’s read.

Copywriting for Websites

From landing pages and single pages, to updating old copy or creating new copy for a new site, we craft content that will enhance your brand online.

Brand Stories

More than just content and narrative, your brand story is the culmination of facts, figures and interpretations that act as the North Star of your business.

Digital Outreach Strategy & Blogs

More content creates more opportunities for your website to rank in search engines and score social media traffic. It also positions you as a thought leader.

Social Media

Because of the intensely personal nature of social media, strategy-driven content is key in building rapport, strengthening branding and increasing recommendations.

Script Writing for Video

With several years' experience in the medium, we’re well versed in writing copy for corporate videos, presentations, virtual tours, product demos and more that keep eyes on screens.

Content Auditing

An exercise in branding, an audit of your content is your first line of defence in ensuring a consistent brand voice in your copywriting across all marcoms and mediums.

Radio Ads

The wrong radio ad can very quickly change the way your brand is perceived. The right one can do the same. Only one of these is an expensive mistake.


Remember the last brochure you thought was a bit average? We didn’t think so. Compelling reading begins with thoughtful, deliberate, strategy-driven copywriting.

Corporate Communications

Often overlooked, but equally as important as any other marketing material, client facing emails, PDFs, annual reports, proposals, and their ilk are important brand ambassadors.


Does your Tender need some loving care? From bidding for new business to vying for a contract, we’ll craft an engaging and compelling submission that’s sure to impress.

Our Work

The words we write have found loving homes all across Australia...

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